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Veezi POS gets internal gift card module!

Veezi POS gets internal gift card module! One of the fastest growing companies in the world of cinema POS, is Veezi.  Veezi is becoming a big part of the cinema software marketplace, and they're poised for tremendous growth.  But until recently, they had a long standing gift card agreement with Vantiv, their payment provider.  But payment provider gift cards are often expensive, and have limited functionality.  Veezi is pioneering it's own internal
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Why is the Right Cinema POS So Important?

For years, movie theaters have been doing the same thing. Same ol' cinema POS. Same unanswerable questions about who their customers are, and what they buy. Only recently has POS started to evolve for cinemas. But why is this important? Well, let's start with a simple answer. You need more data about your customers. No smart person has ever said, "I have too much data." You need to know how
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Cloud POS VS Onsite POS

Cloud POS.  It's the biggest single advance in POS Technology of the last 20 years.  Rather than buying $20k worth of server and POS Hardware, you can now start with a couple of iPads and cash drawers.  This was a sweeping revolution for small retailers, but now it's even becoming smarter for larger retailers. Retail juggernaut Nordstrom has decided to move to Infor's cloud based retail technology.  And they're not
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Cinema Software, A Sign of the Times….

I recently found myself attending CinemaCon.  A new place for me, as I've been to many conventions and trade events before, but nothing geared specifically toward the movie / cinema industry. But through recent developed partnerships, and old standing relationships, I found myself in Las Vegas on the showroom floor talking with people about movie theater POS. What struck me first and foremost, is the lack of options cinemas have
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5 Major Signs You’ve Outgrown Your POS System

You're not alone.  Many businesses start with a point of sale provider that works great for a small business.  Then they find, as they mature and grow, that they have needs the POS system can't match. Many times you receive a free year of POS from your bank, as part of a business loan, or with the lease of a retail space. POS companies know that after you're using their system, that it's