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Hotel and Restaurant Data Breaches…..

Hotel and Restaurant Data Breaches With new technology coming out every day, comes new threats.  But with these threats, how prepared is your business?  The hospitality industry, is the most under-prepared for this. Ransomware, spyware, and data breaches are almost common these days. It's beginning to be ridiculous.  But where do your weaknesses lie? Legacy Systems / Hotel and Restaurant Data Breaches 70% or more of hotels, and restaurants are
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POS Companies Bought by Payment Companies….

Worldpay + Vantiv, and First Data + CardConnect? The world of payments seems to be shrinking. With every day it seems that payment companies are gobbling each other up. But it doesn't stop with other payment companies, they're doing it with POS companies too!   After merging with Global Payment Systems, Heartland Payment Systems has been busy. They've been buying up POS companies like PC America, Dinerware, and Digital Dining.
cayan partners with aldelo
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Cayan Partnering with Aldelo?

Cayan partnering with Aldelo POS Payment giant Cayan, partnering with Aldelo POS?  In an release last week on Cayan's website, they detailed the new deal.  This partnership will offer a huge technology boost to Aldelo.  A handful of new features, as well as a seemless EMV integration, now that Aldelo is EMV certified with Cayan. EMV technology is often overlooked in restaurants. It's exceedingly rare that you'd key in a PIN at
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Processing fees… What should you be paying for?

How to choose a payment processor based on processing fees? There are many credit card processing companies out there. And processing fees are based on a lot of different criteria.  From tiered rates, interchange rates and flat rate pricing. The best place to start, is to read reviews and search the BBB to to get a better idea. Merchants need to be aware there are many hooks processors make their
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Vend and Square Team Up to Offer Simple Payments for the Small Retailer

Point of sale giant Vend is teaming up with Square to give you more payment options. This could be great news for the small retailer.   Square, made it's splash offering a great way for people to accept payments on their phones. But as those retailers grew in size, they needed to roll out a real POS system. The Square Register system for many, is inadequate for companies that are
credit card fraud

Credit Card Fraud Spiked 30% in 2016 According to Experian, How to protect yourself?

Credit Card Fraud Spiked 30% in 2016 According to Experian.  Despite the EMV liability shift, Experian (see here) says fraud skyrocketed in 2016. Their article shows you how susceptible you are to fraud based on your address.   The biggest issue cited isn't stolen credit cards. With the EMV shift in October 2015, it's become much harder to use stolen credit cards. The shift requires a PIN to be keyed
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Newest Trends in Card Payment Technology

In October, the EMV Liability shifted. Which, to you and me, means that most of us are using debit and credit cards with an embedded chip these days. The embedded chip adds new security features. It's an attempt to circumvent fraud.  But card payment technology doesn't stop evolving there. You probably didn't know, is that EMV technology has been around since the 90's. Most European and Asian countries have been