Focus POS moves to the cloud!

Focus POS moves to the cloud Focus POS, a leader in restaurant POS, is introducing a cloud based system. At the NRA show, they unveiled their new cloud based system. While I only had a few moments to look at it, their iPad solution does look great, and seems very familiar to Focus users.  Focus […]

POS Moving to the Cloud? NRA Show 2017

Is the Restaurant Industry POS Moving to the Cloud? The NRA show is coming up in 2 short weeks. It’s time to get ready for Chicago, talking with restaurant owners, and POS providers alike.  It should be an exciting year at the show. It’s this opportunity many POS companies take, to launch new products. And […]

Cloud POS VS Onsite POS

Cloud POS.  It’s the biggest single advance in POS Technology of the last 20 years.  Rather than buying $20k worth of server and POS Hardware, you can now start with a couple of iPads and cash drawers.  This was a sweeping revolution for small retailers, but now it’s even becoming smarter for larger retailers. Retail […]

Restaurant POS Systems – Our Faves 2018

Our Favorite Restaurant POS Systems In this post, I’ll run through our favorite restaurant POS systems, and why we like them.  There are a ton of options to choose from, so this is a snapshot of companies we know, and like. Let’s get started! 1.) Revel Systems Revel is awesome.  They’ve made some great moves […]

Retail, Movie, and Restaurant Point of Sale Consult – FREE!

POS Rumor deals with a number of POS companies regularly.  We offer free POS Consultations for companies looking to make a change, or to upgrade.  We only work with the best, and we can offer you an objective look at many different programs to help you find the right one.  So if you’re looking to […]

MINDBODY will acquire Booker Software!

MINDBODY is buying Booker Software! MINDBODY, ever looking to expand its offerings, is acquiring Booker Software.  In the health and wellness industries, MINDBODY is the go to software, as well as gyms.  While Booker software is a haven for spas and salons. This will definitely make MINDBODY the biggest player in that particular pool.  Booker […]

Legacy Systems and Data Breaches – UPDATED

*Updated 12-11-17 Below in the article, I’ve neglected to mention, that many of the more successful Legacy POS providers now offer subscription based services for their software, keeping their users up to date.  This was brought to my attention by a number of readers, and that’s certainly valid.  Companies I know of that do this […]

Hotel and Restaurant Data Breaches…..

Hotel and Restaurant Data Breaches With new technology coming out every day, comes new threats.  But with these threats, how prepared is your business?  The hospitality industry, is the most under-prepared for this. Ransomware, spyware, and data breaches are almost common these days. It’s beginning to be ridiculous.  But where do your weaknesses lie? Legacy […]

HP ElitePOS?  A game changer?

HP ElitePOS? Looks like HP is headed into the POS market with HP ElitePOS.  They’ve recently unveiled a new array of hardware options.  Both for the retail or restaurant environment, the hardware itself is very sleek. Now, those in the industry aren’t new to HP POS terminals.  But those were largely targeting Legacy POS.  The […]

Veezi POS gets internal gift card module!

Veezi POS gets internal gift card module! One of the fastest growing companies in the world of cinema POS, is Veezi.  Veezi is becoming a big part of the cinema software marketplace, and they’re poised for tremendous growth.  But until recently, they had a long standing gift card agreement with Vantiv, their payment provider.  But payment provider […]