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MINDBODY will acquire Booker Software!

MINDBODY is buying Booker Software! MINDBODY, ever looking to expand its offerings, is acquiring Booker Software.  In the health and wellness industries, MINDBODY is the go to software, as well as gyms.  While Booker software is a haven for spas and salons. This will definitely make MINDBODY the biggest player in that particular pool.  Booker represents approximately 10,000 salons, spas, and other businesses.  That's a formidable number. Both companies improved
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“How To” Guide for Loyalty Programs

How do you compete if you’re a small retailer or restaurant? Loyalty cards are an important part of retail or restaurant businesses these days. You compete everyday with big box stores, fast food chains, and online shopping.  And honestly, you can’t give shoppers the rock bottom pricing these places can.  So how do you compete? It’s all about customer experience.  The customer should WANT to come to your store, or
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Legacy Systems and Data Breaches – UPDATED

*Updated 12-11-17 Below in the article, I've neglected to mention, that many of the more successful Legacy POS providers now offer subscription based services for their software, keeping their users up to date.  This was brought to my attention by a number of readers, and that's certainly valid.  Companies I know of that do this are Aldelo and Aloha, but I'm sure there are many others.  This article isn't meant
Loyalty Cards
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Loyalty Cards… Are they Finished?

Are people finished buying plastic gift cards? Are plastic gift and loyalty cards going to go the way of th dodo?  Like phone cards, cassette tapes, and the under-appreciated laser disc?  Long story short, no. For those who don't know me, plastic cards are my business. prints millions of gift and loyalty cards every year.  And this year demand from our POS partners has actually increased significantly. We're selling
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Hotel and Restaurant Data Breaches…..

Hotel and Restaurant Data Breaches With new technology coming out every day, comes new threats.  But with these threats, how prepared is your business?  The hospitality industry, is the most under-prepared for this. Ransomware, spyware, and data breaches are almost common these days. It's beginning to be ridiculous.  But where do your weaknesses lie? Legacy Systems / Hotel and Restaurant Data Breaches 70% or more of hotels, and restaurants are
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Loyalty Cards: Current Trends

Life keeps getting harder for brick and mortar businesses.  Retail stores face fierce online competition.  Restaurants have similar problems with delivery services, and fast food.  So how can you level the playing field?  How do you get people to keep coming in the door?  The answer, Loyalty Cards. Loyalty Cards and Loyalty Programs Loyalty cards are a simple way to keep people coming in the store.  They give people a
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Revel Systems is a Payment Processor now?

Revel Systems is a Payment Processor now? How genius is that?!  Payment processors have been gobbling up POS companies lately.  And it's clear that processing is big money.  But to think that Revel Systems would become a payment processor itself...  Something I hadn't even considered! I had falsley assumed that when Revel Systems hooked up with First Data,that they'd locked down their processing options.  I guess I was thinking far
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HP ElitePOS?  A game changer?

HP ElitePOS? Looks like HP is headed into the POS market with HP ElitePOS.  They've recently unveiled a new array of hardware options.  Both for the retail or restaurant environment, the hardware itself is very sleek. Now, those in the industry aren't new to HP POS terminals.  But those were largely targeting Legacy POS.  The new ElitePOS terminals look to harnass mPOS. Hardware The ElitePOS is beautiful to look at.
Visa QR Codes for Payments

Visa QR Codes?… A Blast from the Past?

Visa QR Codes... A Blast from the Past? Visa announced this week, that they're working on releasing new payment technology. While Visa QR Codes are now available in certain parts of the world, it's not in the US.  QR codes are a 2 dimensional barcode. Think 2002, when you used to see square barcodes that would take you to a webpage. Visa is going to harness these codes to make a
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POS Companies Bought by Payment Companies….

Worldpay + Vantiv, and First Data + CardConnect? The world of payments seems to be shrinking. With every day it seems that payment companies are gobbling each other up. But it doesn't stop with other payment companies, they're doing it with POS companies too!   After merging with Global Payment Systems, Heartland Payment Systems has been busy. They've been buying up POS companies like PC America, Dinerware, and Digital Dining.