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Gift Card Buyers…. How do you get them?

How do you turn more customers into gift card buyers? It’s a question that’s as old as the gift card technology itself. How do I get people to buy the gift cards? We all know that gift cards create buyers, who in turn, become repeat customers. But how do we get them to buy the gift cards in the first place? Well, it’s easier than you think. There are 5
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Gift Cards. What Info Goes On Them?

If you're already using retail gift cards, you know as well as I do, that they're MONEY IN THE BANK! A gift card is a great gift, but it's even better for the retailer. But, what do you put on the darn things? What's that fine print on the back of gift cards I buy at other stores? What makes a great gift card that people want to buy? Below
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Gift Cards, 4 Ways They Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Gift cards are the ultimate sales tool. Customers like them because they’re quick and easy—and a way to make sure their recipient gets a present they’ll like. And they’re great for your business because gift cards reduce returns of unwanted gifts, while ensuring that the money stays in your hands. Beyond making your company oodles of cash, gift cards also have other benefits. Let’s take a look at some unexpected ways
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Cloud POS VS Onsite POS

Cloud POS.  It's the biggest single advance in POS Technology of the last 20 years.  Rather than buying $20k worth of server and POS Hardware, you can now start with a couple of iPads and cash drawers.  This was a sweeping revolution for small retailers, but now it's even becoming smarter for larger retailers. Retail juggernaut Nordstrom has decided to move to Infor's cloud based retail technology.  And they're not
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Loyalty cards… The next big thing!

A busy holiday season is coming to a close. Gift cards, like any other year, made up the majority of our Q4 sales at Plastic Printers. And while you're busy selling gift cards, so that happy people can give them as gifts, we're preparing for next year.  But what does that mean for you, the retailer? It means it's time to look for a few new ways to make extra
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Newest Trends in Card Payment Technology

In October, the EMV Liability shifted. Which, to you and me, means that most of us are using debit and credit cards with an embedded chip these days. The embedded chip adds new security features. It's an attempt to circumvent fraud.  But card payment technology doesn't stop evolving there. You probably didn't know, is that EMV technology has been around since the 90's. Most European and Asian countries have been
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Lightspeed Restaurant Gift Cards! *UPDATED 8/29/17*

New update as of 8-29-17, Lightspeed Restaurant has fully launched gift cards as of a few weeks ago.  And with the holiday season coming up, they couldn't have chosen a better time.  They now offer a website to purchase gift cards on, making it easy to select what you need, and for the correct system.  It's also easy to order internationally, since Lightspeed is in Canada, and their printer is
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Revel Systems and Dragontail Algo

At the recent Pizza Expo, Revel Systems announced it was kicking off a new integration with Dragontail Systems.  This could represent HUGE value for Revel restaurant customers.   Dragontail Systems Algo, is a restaurant dispatching system that has tons of features designed specifically to make the customer's experience great every time.  There are sensors, monitors, and cameras that manage the entire food prep and cooking process, watching to assure the
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Cinema Software, A Sign of the Times….

I recently found myself attending CinemaCon.  A new place for me, as I've been to many conventions and trade events before, but nothing geared specifically toward the movie / cinema industry. But through recent developed partnerships, and old standing relationships, I found myself in Las Vegas on the showroom floor talking with people about movie theater POS. What struck me first and foremost, is the lack of options cinemas have
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Keytags, The Ultimate Way to Build Loyalty!

Keytags are the simplest tool in the plastic card toolkit. Plastic keytags are a long-used tool of gyms, fitness centers and retailers. These are the ideal membership card, or loyalty tracking device. What makes them so perfect? EVERYBODY HAS KEYS! Everyone in the world has a set of keys. For everything from their house, car, locker, dorm, or your parents house.  It's rare to meet a person that doesn't carry