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MINDBODY will acquire Booker Software!

MINDBODY is buying Booker Software! MINDBODY, ever looking to expand its offerings, is acquiring Booker Software.  In the health and wellness industries, MINDBODY is the go to software, as well as gyms.  While Booker software is a haven for spas and salons. This will definitely make MINDBODY the biggest player in that particular pool.  Booker represents approximately 10,000 salons, spas, and other businesses.  That's a formidable number. Both companies improved
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Cloud POS VS Onsite POS

Cloud POS.  It's the biggest single advance in POS Technology of the last 20 years.  Rather than buying $20k worth of server and POS Hardware, you can now start with a couple of iPads and cash drawers.  This was a sweeping revolution for small retailers, but now it's even becoming smarter for larger retailers. Retail juggernaut Nordstrom has decided to move to Infor's cloud based retail technology.  And they're not
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Keytags, The Ultimate Way to Build Loyalty!

Keytags are the simplest tool in the plastic card toolkit. Plastic keytags are a long-used tool of gyms, fitness centers and retailers. These are the ideal membership card, or loyalty tracking device. What makes them so perfect? EVERYBODY HAS KEYS! Everyone in the world has a set of keys. For everything from their house, car, locker, dorm, or your parents house.  It's rare to meet a person that doesn't carry
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Spa POS or Salon POS. Do you really need it?

If you’re the owner of a salon or a spa, you probably have trouble finding time for anything, much less time for researching POS Systems and integration. It’s a busy business, and managing it can be a bear!  Integrating a point-of-sale or POS system, can really help save you some time, and make your day significantly more pleasant. Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself about your Spa
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5 Major Signs You’ve Outgrown Your POS System

You're not alone.  Many businesses start with a point of sale provider that works great for a small business.  Then they find, as they mature and grow, that they have needs the POS system can't match. Many times you receive a free year of POS from your bank, as part of a business loan, or with the lease of a retail space. POS companies know that after you're using their system, that it's