Cayan Partnering with Aldelo?

Cayan partnering with Aldelo POS

Payment giant Cayan, partnering with Aldelo POS?  In an release last week on Cayan’s website, they detailed the new deal.  This partnership will offer a huge technology boost to Aldelo.  A handful of new features, as well as a seemless EMV integration, now that Aldelo is EMV certified with Cayan.
EMV technology is often overlooked in restaurants. It’s exceedingly rare that you’d key in a PIN at a sit-down restaurant. More importantly, the contactless technology means these terminals won’t be obsolete anytime soon. The payment industry will likely move toward contactless models sooner than later. So getting outfitted with this technology now, will keep you from having to upgrade later.
Cayan is also set to deploy it’s new Genius® technology for Aldelo.  The Genius Countertop and Handheld devices are impressive. And now available to Aldelo resellers too. This unlocks a world of new payment technology to a leader in POS.
The Genius devices are also setup with NFC contactless, and QRC technology. They’ll also function with Apple and Android pay, which is another big breakthrough.  Many restaurant POS systems are lacking in these new payment features, and we’re excited to see them roll out to Aldelo customers. 
Cayan partnering with Aldelo seems like a fantastic match. As a matter of fact, Cayan partnering with Aldelo, seems so logical, it’s surprising it hasn’t happened yet. It will be interesting to see how this affects the restaurant POS market.
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About Aldelo

Aldelo has been a monster in the restaurant POS business for 10 years. President of Aldelo, Harry Tu, has been with them from the very start. Harry Tu, pioneered many of the cloud based technologies that are now commonplace.
A recent survey by shows 3.1% of restaurants asked use Aldelo. This ties them with Future, and POSitouch. You can read the whole report here: (