POS Behemoth ShopKeep acquires ChowBOT.

One of the most obvious trends in the restaurant business, is the move to delivery. Even quite upscale restaurants are now starting to offer delivery. ChowBOT is an awesome system, that allows restaurants to take orders online. It also integrates their online ordering with apps like GrubHub and DoorDash.
But what led to this? People feel drawn to simple and convenient solutions. What’s better than a night at home? One where you don’t have to cook!  Online ordering is also another big perk. People like being able to go online, select what they want, and pay. They don’t like calling and ordering with someone who’s writing it down. Too much margin for error. Not enough choices. Too much pressure. Much easier to order online.
But the biggest shift I see coming, is the perfection of driverless cars and drones. This is going to be the delivery method of the future, and it’s best to get ready for it now. Make sure your online delivery solution is ready now. Then it will only be easier to integrate later with automated delivery.
ShopKeep isn’t one of the top POS companies because they’re run by fools. They’ve seen the trends, and they know which way the industry is moving. The best way to be on the forefront of technology is to shape it. The second best way, is to buy tech companies that are shaping technology! Revel Systems’ recently partnered with Dragontail Algo. So it seems like automation is the wave of the future in delivery and in kitchens.
The Washington Post recently wrote an article (read here) about the minimum wage. It’s about how raising the minimum wage will drive the food industry to automate kitchens. That could affect millions of jobs.
But while those are concerns, that’s still not happening next week. So in the meantime, the restaurant industry will drive to what their customer wants. And for now, it’s something simple, and delivered!
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Cole Goebel
Cole Goebel is a POS Industry insider. He's an expert in encoding and barcode data, and has a great knowledge of POS integrations. Cole currently works at Plastic Printers in Minnesota, where he's the Channel Manager. He works directly with POS providers to deliver gift, and loyalty cards to their clients.

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