Your e-Commerce Store, Does it Sell Your Brand?

Does your e-Commerce Store Sell Your Brand?  So, you have a successful brick and mortar store. Time to take it online! But, does your e-commerce store sell your brand?  You’re entering a new space. Unlike your neighborhood, where you’re the cornerstone of cool. Where people know that your store is the place to buy the latest coolest stuff. The internet is the home of thousands of similar stores.  So how do you set yours apart? There are 2 answers, one is technical, the other is less technical. Let’s start with the less technical one:

Make sure your e-commerce store shows people why to buy from you.

Now, despite what you’ve read, this is very different than “telling your story.” A cool story might make it compelling to buy from your store. “We’re in a historic section of New York, and we rehabilitate homeless people by letting them work in the warehouse.” Great. But that doesn’t make me want to buy something from you instead of
Focus on the things that make your store special, and different. Why would they buy from you instead of Do you offer customization? Do you offer free gift wrapping? What do you offer that they don’t?
The second thing, is to make your store look awesome. Use Magento, Shopify, Lightspeed e-Commerce, or Vend e-Commerce. Or something similar. This will give you a huge number of really amazing looking store site templates to choose from., eBay, and others are very plain. They’re not meant to be chic. They’re meant to be inoffensive. Your store should be chic.
Think of the difference between Nordstrom and Target. You can buy a jacket at either store. The jacket at Nordstrom would cost 5x more. Would it keep you 5x warmer? No. People shop there because they like it better. And they like to pay a premium knowing that they’ll have a better shopping experience.  Make sure to give them a better shopping experience!!

Set your e-Commerce store up to succeed by picking the right search terms.

This is where it all gets very technical. You want to make sure you’re getting searched on google. BUT it doesn’t help you to rank 25th on things. And that’s where you’ll rank, if you try to rank on “wrangler jeans.”
So, if you really want to get some SEO traction, make sure you pick the right search terms.  If you look here:
Your e-Commerce Store, Does it Sell Your Brand?
e-commerce store 1
You can plainly see that “Cashmire Sweater,” and “Women’s white Cashmire Sweater,” get the same number of monthly searches. But if you go to, you can see very quickly, that “Women’s White Cashmire Sweater” is a much easier word to rank on, since there’s less competition for it.  Even though they have the same number of searches, it doesn’t look like anyone is using the women’s white cashmire sweater search term. Meaning you’re WAY more likely to be at the top of the search list for that specific item.
Similar terms would be “Baseball Cap,” and “Women’s Baseball Cap.”  You would have a much easier time listing on “Women’s Baseball Cap.”
Long and short, be specific. And make sure you’re working hard to advertise the things that set you apart. Not the things that make you like all the other stores.
Hopefully this has helped you out!! If you’re looking to get started on an e-commerce store, shoot me an email or tweet me for some advice!
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