Focus POS moves to the cloud!

Focus POS moves to the cloud

Focus POS, a leader in restaurant POS, is introducing a cloud based system. At the NRA show, they unveiled their new cloud based system. While I only had a few moments to look at it, their iPad solution does look great, and seems very familiar to Focus users.  Focus POS has long been a legacy POS provider, and this step shows that the future is in the cloud. For years now there have been a few legacy holdouts, like Aloha, Focus, Micros and Aldelo. Aldelo was the first to come out with a cloud based solution, followed by Micros, and now Focus.

But what’s the difference between cloud POS or mPOS and legacy POS? I write about it a lot, but it’s confusing if you’re not a dork like me. So let’s get into it:

1.) Legacy Systems

For years this is all there was. This type of POS system requires a server in your store/restaurant. It requires you use very specific hardware.  The perks are that after the install, you don’t pay for anything besides upgrades every few years.  The downside, is that it’s very expensive up front.

2.) mPOS or Cloud systems

The popular trend in POS is the mPOS. The cloud based software doesn’t need a server. Because all the data is stored in the cloud on the servers of, in this case, Focus.  Many of these can run on iPads or other similar mobile tech. Making them very easy for wait staff, as they can carry them from table to table. They can usually run on a standard PC as well, because anything with web access will run them. I’ve run versions on my phone before. The perks are that it’s cheap to get started, and easy to add new registers. Upgrades and new features are free, and available as soon as they’re released.  The downsides, are that you pay monthly for them, and if your wifi goes down, it’s more complicated to operate.
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