Loyalty cards… The next big thing!

A busy holiday season is coming to a close. Gift cards, like any other year, made up the majority of our Q4 sales at Plastic Printers. And while you’re busy selling gift cards, so that happy people can give them as gifts, we’re preparing for next year.  But what does that mean for you, the retailer? It means it’s time to look for a few new ways to make extra money from existing customers, as well as tap new customers in your community.  It’s time to take a look at loyalty cards.

A loyalty card generally gives you a fixed discount, or incremental reward for being a repeat customer. The customer comes in, and scans their card, to get points, cash back, etc on their purchase.  These programs are monstrously profitable on the national level, with retailers like Kohl’s and Kohl’s Cash. It’s a great way to keep your customers coming back.  Check out some designs from our gift and loyalty card sponsors, Plastic Printers.

It gives them a tangible reward, a feeling of gold member status, and it creates a community of people who shop with you.  People want the feeling of belonging, and exclusivity.  They want to be loyal to your store, but with so many options out there, they need a reason.  Loyalty cards give them the reason they need.  It gives them a reason to come back in your store time after time.

Most POS Systems these days offer some sort of loyalty or rewards module. Make sure you check with them to find out how it works. They’ll often allow you to decide what merchandise customers receive rewards on, and how many points, or what percentage of the sale they receive as a reward.  Make sure the program you set up, is enticing enough to actually bring people back.  There’s a reason every gas station in America offers these programs.  It’s because they can’t compete directly on gas prices.  They have to do SOMETHING to get people excited to visit a Super America, instead of a Chevron station. Learn from the millions they spend on market research!