Mindbody and Booker Start their Merge

Mindbody and Booker Start their Merge

In the last few weeks, the changes have begun at Mindbody.  Where once it said it was going to use Booker software as a second entity.  Now it seems to be assimilating all that was Booker software, into the new “Booker by Mindbody.”

Slowly, Mindbody is moving the Booker business in house.  This is evident by the way that even Booker.com is using the same content as MindbodyOnline.com.  They’re still using Booker’s wireframe, but that’s easy enough to change soon.

Booker is also quickly cutting ties with some of it’s resellers and partners.  Mindbody already has a number of these contractors, and partners in place.  So it would only make sense to remove the redundancy.

Is this part of a larger movement?

Like I eluded to in a previous blog, the environment for POS companies is changing.  These moves may be indicitive of the way the point of sale industry is moving.  Large companies swallowing up smaller companies to gain technology and users.  The number of POS companies shrinking significantly.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  With less competition among POS providers, they’ll deliver a better experience.  Because you’ll have less choices in providers, they’ll have to make an effort to offer you more.  More than the other provider.  Which likely means we’ll see an increase in the level of new technology coming out.

For gyms, this might mean better keycard check ins, or biometric check in?  It could be a very exciting time to be working in this industry.

But what happens now?

While Mindbody is currently the 1200 pound gorilla on the scene, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck.

In the gym/health club industry, you still have a number of other titles to choose from:


Jonas Club Software

Member Solutions

For spa and salon software, you still have:




So if you’re unhappy with Mindbody, there are still other places to go.  But I speak to very few people who are unhappy with either Booker or Mindbody.  So don’t count them out either.  The functionality you got with Booker, now combined with the technology of Mindbody could be an awesome combo.

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