MINDBODY will acquire Booker Software!

MINDBODY is buying Booker Software!

MINDBODY, ever looking to expand its offerings, is acquiring Booker Software.  In the health and wellness industries, MINDBODY is the go to software, as well as gyms.  While Booker software is a haven for spas and salons.

This will definitely make MINDBODY the biggest player in that particular pool.  Booker represents approximately 10,000 salons, spas, and other businesses.  That’s a formidable number.

Both companies improved business for small to medium size health and beauty companies. They’re very affordable and easy to use, in contrast to some of the bulkier POS systems.  They’re also both cloud based, making hardware less proprietary, and less expensive.  That makes either a great choice for a small business that’s growing into it’s own.  Or for company chains that work as franchises.  This keeps the software uniform from one location to the next, and makes it very simple to operate.

It will be interesting to see how aquisition will effect current partners for Booker.  They’ve been touting a partnership with Fredrick Marketing Software for a few years.  MINDBODY Also has a Fredrick integration, as well as others. It will be interesting to see what integrations, and payment processors are kept by the new MINDBODY. Or will MINDBODY take the new bait of becoming its own credit card processing company, and raking in that processing money?

Looking forward, this could be a great marriage of technology.  It will be a bitter mouthful for companies like Ennoview, Shortcuts, Vagaro, and others.  These competitors of both MINDBODY and Booker are likely a bit concerned  about recent events.  The new found power of the combined companies could be a force to be reckoned with.  Certainly they will be intimidating.

It will be interesting to see what happens.  And as it unfolds, we’ll be happy to bring you updates!

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