Cinema Software, A Sign of the Times….

I recently found myself attending CinemaCon.  A new place for me, as I’ve been to many conventions and trade events before, but nothing geared specifically toward the movie / cinema industry. But through recent developed partnerships, and old standing relationships, I found myself in Las Vegas on the showroom floor talking with people about movie theater POS.

What struck me first and foremost, is the lack of options cinemas have to choose from.  There may be as few as 10 players on the cinema POS field that really matter, and 7 of them were at this event.  Unlike retail that has literally hundreds of options for POS, theaters have a much more complex setup, combining ticketing, concessions, inventory, and scheduling showtimes.

It also became clear to me, that innovation was key to movie theater POS.  Unlike restaurant POS, which dining establishments buy one year, and don’t update for 10, everything I was seeing was cutting edge.  The more I spoke to the exhibitors, the more I realized that new features like online booking, and scheduling the specific seat you want, are now must-have features of a cinema.  If you don’t have the right online ticketing solution, you’re being left in the past.

But my newest partners, Vista, and Veezi software, have made getting setup much easier.  With a clear choice between the 2, you can decide what best fits you.  Vista mostly caters to multi-location behemoth theaters, while Veezi caters more to the single location indy theater.  This is a pretty power packed combo, as the 2 types of theaters diverge more and more.  Veezi offers great stuff  for the small theater.  They have cloud based technology, that runs on different platforms.  This allows you to utilize hardware you might already have.  And with their new gift card integration (the reason I was visiting in the first place,) they have everything a small theater needs, without searching further.

While Vista offers all the features a multi theater chain could want.  They’re packed with large scale features that benefit larger companies.  Both Vista and Veezi support online ticketing, and have a host of other awesome features.  It’s no surprise that the smaller companies that are going out of business have been losing cinemas to Vista  and Veezi by the drove.

If you want to check out Vista or Veezi, check them out online at: