National Restaurant Association Show

National Restaurant Association Show

The NRA show is coming up, and of course the folks from POS Rumor are headed out.  It’s just a skip to Chicago from Minneapolis anyway, so worth the travel for sure.  There’s so much to see and do at the NRA show.  It’s a huge show, with an unimaginable amount of stuff for the restauranteur.

But for us from POS Rumor, it’s a great time to check out what’s new in POS. Hospitality POS is arguably the biggest vertical for point of sale software.  And it by far has the most plug-ins/apps/add-ons.  So we’re headed down to see what’s new.

Some stuff we’re sure to check out:

National Restaurant Association Show

Lightspeed Restaurant (Booth #6666)

Lightspeed is a Canadian fairytale of a company.  They have a lot of the competition beat when it comes to retail software.  But their restaurant product line didn’t immediately catch on the same way.  Now it’s seeing steady growth, and we’re excited to see what’s new with them!


National Restaurant Association Show

Revel Systems (Booth #1105)

Revel always has a huge presence at these shows.  Revel is hands down one of the most scalable POS platforms available for quick serve restaurants.  So of course they’ll be there.

I’m excited to find out more from them about how their in house credit card processing solution is going.  I wonder how many adopters they’re seeing at this point?  It was a stroke of genius for them.  To offer credit card services themselves, rather than refer all that credit card money to a 3rd party.


National Restaurant Association Show

Lavu POS (Booth #6657)

I spoke to the folks at Lavu briefly last year.  But since, I’ve taken a tour of their software, and for the price I was very impressed.  So I’m excited to see what’s new from this company.  Lavu is clearly expanding quick, which is always fun to watch.


The best part is checking out the POS integration stuff though.  Seeing what you can plug in via API is astounding.

National Restaurant Association Show

MarketMan (Booth #6177)

I met Noam from MarketMan at a Revel Systems sales meeting a couple years back.  MarketMan is an integration that combines restaurant inventory tracking, with suppliers and ordering.  It helps to save you man hours by eliminating the need for constant inventory counts.  And it makes it easy to send orders to suppliers.

National Restaurant Association Show

Beyond / Tend / Peachworks (Booth #6470)

Beyond is a really cool company.  It has software that tracks every single aspect of your back of house.  But has recently released it’s POS product, Tend.  I’m interested to take a look, and see what kind of features it has.  Maybe do a review!

National Restaurant Association Show

Bevspot (Booth #7360)

Bevspot is a company I’m newly acquainted with.  They offer a bar and restaurant management solution which helps to keep you in control of your inventory.  Especially when it comes to liquor.

It also helps you gain an understanding of what’s selling, and what isn’t.  This keeps you from having excessive inventory on hand, and keeps you ordering only what you need.

NRA Show

The Restaurant show is always a fantastic event.  And it’s a great place for me to get BAGS of free coffee!  If you’re in the restaurant business, and you’ve never been, you should get down there.

I’ll post another blog once I get back, so you can hear about all the stuff I see.  Make sure to check out my other blogs!