NRF Big Show 2019 POS Rumor Preview

NRF Big Show 2019 is just a week away! And we’ll be there! It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the Big Show, but I’m fired up. So let’s take a quick look at what we’re interested in this time around…

RFID / NFC contactless

Being plastic card people at heart, we’re all about contactless technology. And it’s interesting to see how the retail industry has adapted it.
From payment tech, to inventory management, and even product tags. The contactless industry is going nuts! And I’m excited to check it out at the NRF Big Show for sure!!


As much as I work in plastics, I also spend a lot of my normal work life building websites. And e-comm platforms interest me quite a bit.
Classically, I use Shopify for most things. But I’m excited to see what the other platforms have to offer. There are a few boasting some huge advancements in customer engagement, and I’d love to see what they have. Stay tuned for that.

Big Data

As much as restaurants want to capture data, the retail industry is tenacious about it. Everything from facial recognition, to headcounts, to scheduling and more. They go crazy for the information and how to use it. I’m looking forward to talking with a bunch of analytic and data companies to see what the trends are in that space. There should be dozens at the NRF Big Show this year, so no shortage of people to talk to!

One of the biggest things I’m seeing is inventory management/supply chain software. Companies that will help you to keep your inventory stocked, but not overstocked. And make sure that you don’t run out of crucial items. Which will help keep you from ordering too much, or paying for warehouse space you don’t need.

Another thing that’s big as is using the information to better schedule employees. Utilizing your company’s stats to make sure you’re staffed adequately is a big deal.

POS and Point of Purchase

Of course being POSRumor, we’re going to want to get over and check out all the best in POS. The POS giants of retail should all be attending, so I can talk with people at the forefront of POS innovation. And really see what’s going on, and what to look for.

There will be a lot of POS hardware people there, so I’m excited to see that. The newest generation of tablets, touchscreens, and wireless receipt printers are always cool. And don’t forget barcode scanners!
Additionally, there will be a lot of kiosk vendors there, which is an industry I’m interested in. I already understand how quick serve restaurants plan to implement kiosks, but retail?

NRF Big Show – Other stuff

Well, as far as the other stuff, I know for sure there’s a company that will be there that sells robots. You better believe I’m checking that out. And there’s always an untold treasure trove of stuff down where the first year exhibitors are. And no doubt enough free stuff to bring home in a refrigerator box.

If you’re interested in something specific at NRF, drop me a line, and let me know what I should look at. Or if you’re at the show and you’d like to meet up, I’d love to talk with you.

Hit me up at or on twitter @posrumor.