Why should I pick an iPad POS System?

The iPad POS system has exploded in the last 10 years. They’re everywhere, even in some of the bigger restaurants and retailers. But what’s made the iPad such a magnet for POS providers?
It has a lot to do with cloud computing. An iPad POS system will be a cloud based system. This is an invention of the 21st century, that allows you to keep your POS data on a remote server. Before this, if you had a POS system, a server was just one of the things you bought with the system.  With your POS provider hosting your data, you have much less hardware to worry about. 
It’s also because Apple offers a more stable development platform than Android does. Apple seems to be more diligent about releasing software updates. Whereas Android will often release things that need immediate patches. Which is caution on the part of Apple to ensure stability.  Android’s big POS provider is Clover. And while Clover is getting big in the restaurant business, it hasn’t broken into retail the same way. But Clover is developing and has the backing of payment behemoth First Data. They give iPad POS a run for it’s money from time to time.

Who uses iPad POS Systems?

iPad has made for a fantastic platform for Vend, Lightspeed, and Revel Systems and others. These companies have been the innovators in creating a stable iPad POS System. And they’re still doing it today!  These companies cater to retail stores, and restaurants.  They offer the same features as a legacy system, but with a lot smaller up front investment. 
iPads are also great for POS, because it makes your system infinitely scalable. If you have a retail store, and you need 2 more registers, all you need is 2 more iPads! In the legacy POS days, it was a PC, with a touch screen monitor. It was having an installer run CAT5 from the back of your store to the new register. iPad hardware doesn’t even require professional installation!  Revel actually works with some HUGE companies, like Goodwill, Popeye’s Chicken, and Cinnabon!
So, should you check out an iPad POS System? Heck yeah! If you’re shopping for a POS solution, especially for a new business, check them out!
Cole Goebel
Cole Goebel is a POS Industry insider. He's an expert in encoding and barcode data, and has a great knowledge of POS integrations. Cole currently works at Plastic Printers in Minnesota, where he's the Channel Manager. He works directly with POS providers to deliver gift, and loyalty cards to their clients.

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