POS Moving to the Cloud? NRA Show 2017

Is the Restaurant Industry POS Moving to the Cloud?

The NRA show is coming up in 2 short weeks. It’s time to get ready for Chicago, talking with restaurant owners, and POS providers alike.  It should be an exciting year at the show. It’s this opportunity many POS companies take, to launch new products. And while the focus is moving to the cloud, it’s interesting to see how legacy POS companies handle this.  But the big question, is restaurant POS moving to the cloud?

Legacy system POS moving to the cloud?

Many companies like Aldelo and Micros, are offering a mPOS solution. Micros’ “Simphony” mPOS has received some poor reviews. But that’s a support/transition issue from what I’ve read. But I’ve heard only good things about Aldelo’s offering.  Meanwhile, the market is still dominated by legacy systems. Systems like Aloha, Digital Dining, and Micros still make up 35% of restaurant POS.  I’ve spoken many times about the benefits and costs of cloud POS.  Read about it here. 
But what does it take to move from legacy POS to mPOS? The amount of work is significant to move. Not to mention the cost of new hardware, and training your staff. Is it worth the money to switch? Or are you better off paying upgrade fees along the way?  That’s the question. mPOS is always going to look like a cheaper option. Companies like Revel Systems, Lightspeed Restaurant, TouchBistro, are great. They do a great job of offering support, and an easy transition. But over time, depending on how many POS terminals your restaurant has, they can get expensive.
mPOS companies charge you for their services monthly. The price depends on the number of terminals you have. The more terminals, the more you pay. While legacy systems have a steep startup fee, and cost much less on a day-to-day basis. But even large national chains are now using mPOS!

So what’s perfect for your situation?

Well, that’s really for you to decide. But if it’s a question you’re trying to answer, the NRA Show in Chicago is going to be the place to get answers. I’ll be there, so make sure to say hi on twitter, or shoot me an email!  And if you want to learn more about POS, get some info from the legacy and mPOS guys!