Posera partners with Solink.

Hospitality software colossus Posera, is teaming up with Solink. Solink, has been at the forefront of loss prevention technology.  Solink, at the beginning, sought to circumvent ATM fraud. Its been instrumental in developing loss prevention technology. Its chief achievements have been in the video monitoring categories.  In recent months and years, Posera has focused on making transactions more secure. From EMV solutions, to pay at the table solutions for its Maitre’D software.

So what’s the big deal?

Solink’s solution for Posera links video with specific transactional moments. Because it links video to thinks like voids, no-sale cash register opening, and refunds. That’s a huge benefit to cash handling security. It quickly eliminates the need to watch the video from a whole 12 hour shift to see why there’s $10 missing from a till.
When the Solink software notices one of these occurrences, it signals a manager or business owner. The manager can view the incident on their mobile device. Allowing you to deal with problems immediately.  Posera says that this subscription based service will be a big hit among their 30,000+ customers. We at POSRumor are inclined to agree. It’s a gigantic shift in hospitality software this year. And it’s a huge shift in accountability tracking.

Tracking your Success

Revel Systems has partnered with Dragontail Algo (see here.) This tracks food prep and cooking. Putting an “eye in the sky,” on cooks reduces waste, and finds problems with quality and execution. Ensuring the customer gets a delicious meal each time, regardless of the cook.  Posera’s move puts the so called “eye in the sky” more on the point of purchase. Because it’s important to make sure that cash handling is being done responsibly. I see the entire hospitality industry moving this way. The more accountability there is, the less money is wasted or stolen.
This might seem to be an undue burden on the employee. But it makes their job easier, and less stressful.  Because so many are tired of staff meetings that revolve around registers and tills that don’t add up properly.  And many employees are tired of working with lazy coworkers or sloppy cooks who waste food and as a result, just do a lousy job. 

Check out Posera here, and Solink here.

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Posera partners with Solink
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