POSRumor Update

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I last published anything here. And I do apologize.

It’s been a bit of a rocky 6 months. I took a new position, and the company I was with was ravaged by COVID-19. So I’m in the wind now, doing some consulting, and trying to stay afloat.

It’s also been a turbulent time, because the largest source of my new POS information, conventions, have been shut down since March. All the largest conventions I used to attend were cancelled this year, so it’s been much more difficult to learn about the innovations in technology.

There are some topics that I have to bring up, that I think you’ll enjoy, including RFID readers for instant inventory and cycle counts, gift cards as an investment, and contactless payment tech that’s been sped up by COVID-19.

So please stay tuned, I’ll make sure to have new information for you as soon as I can. And I’ll try to keep this website fresh with new content. Thanks for reading!

If you have topics you want to discuss, or questions about POS, please shoot me an email at cole@posrumor.com