Retail, Movie, and Restaurant Point of Sale Consult – FREE!

POS Rumor deals with a number of POS companies regularly.  We offer free POS Consultations for companies looking to make a change, or to upgrade.  We only work with the best, and we can offer you an objective look at many different programs to help you find the right one.  So if you’re looking to change your retail, or restaurant point of sale system, reach out today!

Why work with us for your Retail, Movie, or Restaurant Point of Sale needs?

Retail, Movie, or Restaurant point of sale can be tricky.  You want to make sure to maximize profits, while minimizing how complicated it is for you and your staff.  At POS Rumor, we can make sure you get an understanding of which retail, movie, or restaurant point of sale companies might fit best for you, and get you in touch with a rep at these locations.  We know about considerations like credit card processing, functionality, and e-commerce stores.  And we know which retail, movie or restaurant point of sale system will get it done for you.

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About POS Rumor:

POS Rumor was created as a resource for people looking to learn about their POS system, and others.  Its intent is to be informative, and to have relevant news from the point of sale industry.  We often cross over into the payment/credit card processing business, as that business so closely mirrors point of sale.

But as we grew, we found the major thing people were asking, was advice on which POS company to choose.  We obviously know so many of them, so which one is the best one to choose?  And since that depends so much on your business, we thought the best thing to do, would be to start consulting on the matter.