Restaurant POS Systems – Our Faves 2018

Our Favorite Restaurant POS Systems

In this post, I’ll run through our favorite restaurant POS systems, and why we like them.  There are a ton of options to choose from, so this is a snapshot of companies we know, and like.

Let’s get started!

1.) Revel Systems

Restaurant POS Systems - Our Faves 2018

Revel is awesome.  They’ve made some great moves in the last couple of years, which make their software very powerful.  They’ve also dramatically improved their customer service from what people may remember.  3 or 4 years ago, we received a lot of complaints.  But they’ve changed the way those departments are run.

Revel is one of our faves for a few reasons.

  • It’s infinitely scalable.  It works great in 1 location, or 1000 locations.
  • Revel has an integrated loyalty/rewards program, to entice repeat business.
  • It has integrated Revel payments, or you can choose your own payment provider.

Check it out at

2.) Lightspeed Restaurant

Restaurant POS Systems - Our Faves 2018

While this wasn’t an immediate fav, they’ve made some big improvements.  And when looking at a demo at last year’s NRA Show, I saw some great stuff.  Their integrated Cayan Genius terminal was awesome.  The simple to use layout.

So here’s why we like Lightspeed Restaurant.

  • Easy interface. There’s nothing worse than a complicated user screen.
  • Simple reporting, but powerful.  It’s easy to make the types of reports you need.
  • Powerful integrations.  They have a bunch of integrations available that really turbocharge the software.
  • Tableside ordering is always a cool feature too.

Check it out at

3.) Talech

Restaurant POS Systems - Our Faves 2018

Talech is a really cool company.  It’s only recently come on our radar, but it already has some big features.  And their customer support is top notch.

Here are a few of my favorite features.

  • Kiosk Mode.  That might be the geek in me, but how cool?!
  • Easy setup, and onboarding.  They make it super simple.
  • Automatic discounts.  Setup discounts for happy hour, or holidays with just a few clicks.
  • BOGO Discounts are a fun way to give your customers a reason to stick around.

4.) Aldelo POS

Restaurant POS Systems - Our Faves 2018

Aldelo has something for every size restaurant.  They have 3 distinct restaurant POS systems, starting with an iPad based solution.  Then to more of a standard POS.  Then their XERA POS for high volume restaurants, with a huge number of features.

Why Aldelo?

  • Awesome customer support
  • Free remote install and training
  • Free initial menu programming (if you use Aldelo Pay)
  • Solutions starting at $0 for a real POS experience.

Check it out here

5.) Digital Dining (now by Heartland)

Restaurant POS Systems - Our Faves 2018

I’m sure you’re starting to notice that the first 4 options are iPad solutions.  So lets look at something a little more traditional.

Digital Dining is a great system.  It’s used by a number of restaurant chains, and is as bulletproof as a legacy restaurant POS system comes.  It’s been a forerunner of the POS industry for 30 years.

Here are some features.

  • Payroll is super simple using the integrations with Digital Dining.
  • Pay at the table is available now
  • Online ordering (which is always a great feature)
  • Built in Loyalty/Rewards

Check it out here

6.) Micros

Restaurant POS Systems - Our Faves 2018


No list about restaurant POS systems is complete without Micros.  Micros is one of the largest POS providers for hospitality, hands down.  Micros is a good solution for companies looking for a legacy style setup.  And with their acquisition by Oracle, the future is pretty bright over there.

We like Micros because

  • There are a bunch of versions, so you can get the one you need.
  • It’s familiar software to people who work in restaurants.

Check it out here:

7.) NCR / Aloha

Restaurant POS Systems - Our Faves 2018

In the same vein as Micros, no list is complete without Aloha, and their parent NCR.  Aloha is one of the most widely used restaurant POS systems.  So everyone in the industry knows it.  It has all the features a restaurant needs.  But it comes at a hefty price tag compared to stuff further up the list.

If you’re a successful bar/restaurant though.  One with a big daily income.  This could be the system you need.  It might have the advanced reporting, manager functions, and more.

What we like about Aloha:

  • Super functional, and customizable.
  • Lots of manager functions.
  • Great for places who do take out, bar, restaurant, all in one.

8.) Toast POS

Restaurant POS Systems - Our Faves 2018

I’ll be the first to say, I don’t know as much about Toast.  But from what I’ve seen, they seem to be awesome.  With Square and Shopify, they’re a pioneer in being their own credit card processor.  Which while it doesn’t offer you choices of processors, does cut down on integrations.  So no more worry that your transactions won’t match.

Why we like Toast:

  • We had some tech support questions, and the guys who answered were SUPER helpful.
  • Integrated payments mean less hassle setting up payments.
  • Gift and Loyalty included
  • Online Ordering

Check it out here:

9.) Ordyx

Restaurant POS Systems - Our Faves 2018

Ordyx is another staff favorite.  It’s cloud based, so you can connect from anywhere.  It’s enterprise ready, to control multiple locations.  And you can even get set up to receive manager notification text messages.  It’s a pretty awesome setup.

What are our favorite features:

  • Text Message Notifications
  • You don’t need proprietary hardware.  You can use stuff you already have.
  • Loyalty program
  • PMS/Hotel capable too!

Check them out here:

Wrap up

These companies are in no particular order.  And each different provider will fit different types of restaurants.  When selecting a restaurant POS system, you have to look at a lot of angles.

That’s why, if you’re looking for new restaurant pos systems software, you should look us up for a free consultation!  Check us out here:

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