Retail POS – Our Faves 2018

Retail POS – Our Faves 2018

We’re almost half way through 2018, and I think it’s time to talk retail.  We consult with a lot of people about retail POS systems, and it’s high time we mention a few of our favorites.

These are in no particular order.  None of them are “better than the others.”  Each business will have different needs, and each will choose different systems to fit.  If you’re having trouble deciding on a system, and would like a free consultation, check us out! We’d be happy to help.  Click here for a free consultation

Retail POS - Our Faves 2018

1.) Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed is always one of our favorites.  What can we say?  It’s fast, easy, and infinitely scalable.  Simple to use, and has great advanced reporting.  Their eCommerce stuff works pretty well too.

If you’re starting out, and you’re looking for something simple for a retail store, try out Lightspeed.

 Retail POS - Our Faves 2018

2.) Vend

Between Lightspeed and Vend, it’s a toss up for me.  I love both systems, they’re both iPad based, and both work amazing.  But unlike Lightspeed, Vend works on anything.  You can use the Vend Register on a PC, iPad, or whatever.

Vend also has a cool integrated loyalty program, which clients have been screaming for.  So it’s a great way to get into retail.  Check out Vend.

 Retail POS - Our Faves 2018

3.) Shopify

Shopify retail POS is a standout for a bunch of reasons. And it’s very affordable.  It will also fit the needs of a lot of businesses.  But best of all, is the way Shopify does omnichannel.  Their online stores seamlessly integrate with their instore offerings.

Pound for pound Shopify is becoming a real contender.  Check it out: Shopify

 Retail POS - Our Faves 2018


ERPLY is killer.  For a company on the grow, ERPLY offers the features of a much larger retail POS system, while keeping a low price.

ERPLY is available for Windows, and iPad.   It also plugs into Shopify for eCommerce.  With ERPLY you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Check them out here: ERPLY

 Retail POS - Our Faves 2018

5.) Springboard Retail

Springboard Retail is another great cloud based system.  They offer you the resources you need for your company to grow.  One of my favorite things about Springboard Retail, is that it doesn’t require a specific set of hardware.  It will run on most anything.  And has an open API, so most anything can plug into it.

They have great reporting, and I would definitely recommend you check them out here:  Springboard Retail.

 Retail POS - Our Faves 2018

6.) Hike POS

Hike is a company I’m only recently becoming aware of.  But the astonishing thing about Hike, is what you get for the price.  You can get multi-store retail POS starting as low as $129 a month.  That’s pretty amazing stuff.

In addition to that, they have integrated loyalty and gift cards.  So if you’re running a store, and you need a retail POS system, check out Hike.

 Retail POS - Our Faves 2018

7.) Korona POS

Korona POS is another great choice for the SMB retail shop.  Offering gift cards, cashier tracking, and great reporting.  Korona is a great way to get into retail, and keep track of your inventory, as well as your sanity.

Check them out at Korona POS

 Retail POS - Our Faves 2018

8.) Teamwork Retail

Like ERPLY, those looking for something for more of a mid-large sized business should check out Teamwork Retail.

Teamwork Retail offers advance CRM, reporting, and employee tracking.  With centralized real-time data, Teamwork Retail is easy to manage.  And it offers you the customized data you need!

Check them out at Teamwork Retail

 Retail POS - Our Faves 2018

9.) NCR Counterpoint

A great retail POS coming from our friends at NCR, is Counterpoint.  Counterpoint is an all in one retail management solution.  From eCommerce, to reporting, it does it all.

And there are perks to buying from one of the worlds biggest retail POS companies.  Their integrated merchant options are great, and awesome security.

Highly recommended, check them out at Counterpoint

 Retail POS - Our Faves 2018

Honorable Mention: Square RETAIL POS

Some of my retail POS community bretheren are shuddering a little here.  But Square has done a really good job making their product more functional in the last year.

Once the retail POS Solution for people working flea markets, Square is moving up in the world.  They’re also adding more tiers for payments, which is allowing them to be more competitive on the processing end.

Check them out: Square POS

Last note:

If you’re a little confused about which solution might be best, send us a note here.  There’s no reason you need to go through this search alone.  And with our unbiased methods, we can help you identify which software systems you should be looking at.