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Revel Systems and Dragontail Algo

revel systems dragontail algo

At the recent Pizza Expo, Revel Systems announced it was kicking off a new integration with Dragontail Systems.  This could represent HUGE value for Revel restaurant customers.  

Dragontail Systems Algo, is a restaurant dispatching system that has tons of features designed specifically to make the customer’s experience great every time.  There are sensors, monitors, and cameras that manage the entire food prep and cooking process, watching to assure the best quality pizza makes it to the customer.

One of the most important cost cutting measures you can implement in your restaurant, is quality control.  If you can localize the reasons for quality issues, you can finally address them.  Especially difficult for a delivery restaurant, who can’t necessarily see the issue, there’s a huge opportunity.  Was it the ingredients that were to blame?  Maybe it’s a training issue, and you need to train an employee better?  Or maybe there’s 3 different employees making things 3 different ways?  All of these are easy to fix with Dragontail Algo.  Even better than that, this integrates fully with your Revel Systems POS.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems is juggernaut of POS technology, excelling in tech for restaurants.  With recent acquisitions pointing to online ordering, delivery, and quality control, Revel Systems is poised to be your one stop shop for pizza POS.

With a recent shake-up in the leadership of Revel Systems, we’ve all been waiting to see what direction they’re going.  It seems so far, like they’re making all the moves you’d make if your intent was to take a company public in the next year or 2.  Since that’s likely the fastest way for Revel Systems to skyrocket it’s value in the marketplace, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, possibly the most outspoken figure at the company Bobby Mahrmat, is still on social media, projecting a positive message.  And things seem to be looking good for Revel Systems. If you’re not already following Bobby on Twitter, you should:  Bobby Mahrmat

Cole Goebel
Cole Goebel is a POS Industry insider. He's an expert in encoding and barcode data, and has a great knowledge of POS integrations. Cole currently works at Plastic Printers in Minnesota, where he's the Channel Manager. He works directly with POS providers to deliver gift, and loyalty cards to their clients.

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