Revel Systems and Specialty Retail?

Revel Systems sights in on the Specialty Retail Market.  I was recently at the NRA convention, and spoke to a few of the senior management team from Revel Systems. They said in no uncertain terms, that specialty retail is where they want to expand next.

Specialty retail is booming these days. One of the major shifts in retail in the last 30 years, is the move away from department stores. Online shopping and giant retailers like Walmart and Target have destroyed them. But consumers still enjoy the shopping experience, and need knowledgeable sales people. Online reviews only mean so much, some things you need to see, touch, and buy from a real person.
The in-store shopping won’t ever go away. But that doesn’t mean it won’t mutate to fit the needs of the buyer. While the retail industry is shrinking, specialty retail is up in a down market. Industries like pet stores, jewelry, sporting goods, and specialty food stores are booming.
Other retail POS contenders like Lightspeed and Vend are competing in this space too. Lightspeed has focused on sporting goods, and vape shops. Vend has been focusing on boutiques. But adding Revel Systems to the mix might be a big kick in the pants for its competitors.
Revel Systems offers some built in features that retail stores might love! Revel Systems has also proven in the restaurant business, that it’s infinitely scalable. With customers like Cinnabon, and Popeye’s, they’ve proved they can handle any expanse.
It will be interesting to see how they position themselves to expand. Will they bring some additional features to already feature-rich software? Or maybe it will be simpler to land a big fish customer as a springboard. Revel Systems is already in many if not most Goodwill stores.
If you’re interested in learning more about Revel, check them out at Revel Systems
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