Why is the Right Cinema POS So Important?

For years, movie theaters have been doing the same thing. Same ol’ cinema POS. Same unanswerable questions about who their customers are, and what they buy.

Only recently has POS started to evolve for cinemas. But why is this important?

Well, let’s start with a simple answer. You need more data about your customers. No smart person has ever said, “I have too much data.” You need to know how promotions and coupons impact ticket sales. How ticket sales impact concessions. How concessions coupons impact ticket sales. It’s ALL important.
Before this generation of POS, many theaters used systems for ticketing and concessions. This is what made cinema POS providers evolve. By unifying these solutions offers you more data on your customers than you ever had before.

Speaking of data, do you have a loyalty card system?

The addition of a loyalty program unlocks MUCH more data, as you can now see what specific customers do. How many tickets does your average customer buy? That’s easy. But how about this: How much does a customer spending $50 in tickets spend on concessions? How often do people come to the movies, and not buy anything? If I offer free popcorn to loyalty customers, how many take advantage?
All these secrets, unlocked with a loyalty program.  Make sure your cinema POS offers it. 

But that’s not even the end of it. Let’s talk about online ticketing!

Movie theaters have better attendance than sports arenas and theme parks combined. But are you getting every nickel you can?
With an average of 20-30% of tickets bought being online. And with upwards of 40% of single seats bought online, if you’re not in to online ticketing, you should be. It’s an added convenience for many. And an excellent assurance that their movie won’t sell out before they get to the box office!
If you’re using antiquated software, you’re missing out! Get with the times, and if you need a software recommendation, you can always check out some of our favorites at either Vista or Veezi software.