Shopify POS has been around for a few years now, since 2013. So while I’m reviewing other POS platforms, it makes sense to look at Shopify POS too.
Those who know me, and read my other blogs, know that I’m pro Shopify. I’ve been using Shopify for e-commerce stores for 5 or 6 years. They’re easy to use, and come with excellent customer service. But most of all, they’re great for everyone from a novice user, to an experienced web developer. Prices are very reasonable, and there are tons of plugins that make my life easy.
But how does the POS stack up? Well, the long story short, they did a great job with Shopify POS.
If you’re an online retailer looking to sync your online store with a retail location, check it out. Shopify has a suite of tools that make life easy for the person trying to run an online, and in-store business.
The “Lite,” and “Basic Shopify” plans super inexpensive for what you get. The credit card processing fees are comparable to what you see from Square, or others. And you get unlimited products, and tech support! And like we talked about before, Shopify support is some of the best.
But let’s look further into what they call the “Shopify Plan,” or “Advanced Shopify Plan.” These plans compete with other mPOS providers like Vend, Lightspeed, and Revel Systems. Now, while the price is right, I don’t know that if I was running a retail store, that I’d go with Shopify instead of the others. Especially since Shopify websites plug in so well with each of those systems already.
Vend, Lightspeed, Revel, are all built from the ground up as in-store POS systems. I’m not sure I’d make the jump to Shopify, instead of trusting the more proven POS giants that already exist.
So, a few closing thoughts. While Shopify POS is awesome for small retailers. And is a great alternative to Square. I’m not sure it’s great for larger retail stores just yet.
Check out Shopify POS here: Shopify POS
Check out Vend here: Vend HQ
Check out Lightspeed here: Lightspeed
Check out Revel Systems here: Revel Systems
Cole Goebel
Cole Goebel is a POS Industry insider. He's an expert in encoding and barcode data, and has a great knowledge of POS integrations. Cole currently works at Plastic Printers in Minnesota, where he's the Channel Manager. He works directly with POS providers to deliver gift, and loyalty cards to their clients.

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