Cheaper than credit card processing

ACH Processing vs Credit Card Processing

ACH Check Processing vs Credit Card Processing Recently I was talking to a colleague in the payment industry, and he was telling me about ACH Processing. And after a few minutes of talking with him, I couldn't help but wonder why more small businesses don't use it?   Let's look at a specific example. John is an electrician. He takes most of his payments as either checks, or credit card
processing fees

Processing fees… What should you be paying for?

How to choose a payment processor based on processing fees? There are many credit card processing companies out there. And processing fees are based on a lot of different criteria.  From tiered rates, interchange rates and flat rate pricing. The best place to start, is to read reviews and search the BBB to to get a better idea. Merchants need to be aware there are many hooks processors make their
Mastercard BIN

Mastercard BIN Ranges Expand to a 2 series

Mastercard BIN Ranges Expand to a 2 series Credit card giant Mastercard has recently received approval to use a 2 series BIN number. Mastercard has traditionally used a 5 series BIN, and this will be their first expanse into a new BIN range.  Cards issued as early as this year will come with the new 2 series BIN. But what is a BIN range? A BIN range, or a "Bank