Upserve for SimpleOrder

Restaurant owners know that technological advancements in POS systems have come a very long way in the last 20 years. Most POS systems can take tableside orders, add tip automatically, and provide important data about staff and customers. Due to these advancements, table turnover ratios have increased dramatically, order and payment errors are reduced substantially, and the overall flow of the front of the house has improved significantly.


The democratization of the POS system (meaning the development of affordable POS systems for every type of restaurant), gave just about any restaurant operator the tools they needed for success. Unfortunately, the back of the house didn’t have the same luxury. As everything on the floor became digitized, kitchen managers were still doing all of their orders through phones or fax machines, taking inventory manually through tedious spreadsheets, and pricing their menu (if they even had the time) one ingredient at a time.


Were there any technological tools that helped restaurants digitize their back of house operations? Yes, but those tools were remarkably expensive and only set up for big chain restaurants…


Enter Upserve for SimpleOrder


With the development of SaaS, cloud based technology, the resources and technology became available to formulate a platform that not only digitizes all of a restaurant purchases, inventory and menu costing, but automates it. Since cloud based technology doesn’t require heavy hardware and a complicated set up, it is available to every type of restaurant at a price that any restaurant owner could afford.


Okay, so what exactly does a cloud based back of the house platform do?


With a cloud based restaurant inventory management platform, all of a restaurant’s supplier catalogues are uploaded into the system, including the suppliers information- which means that restaurants can purchase all of their ingredients and supplies through a computer, laptop or smartphone.


All of the products that ordered through the application are then automatically entered into the restaurant’s inventory- No more having to manually input each product one-by-one. Once the recipes are put into the system, every ingredient is proportionally accounted for and boom!-  You have the cost of every dish on your menu.


To take things to the next level- SaaS technology integrates with POS systems in order to link your inventory with your sales. Meaning that every time your restaurant sells a dish, those items are automatically deducted from your inventory, every time your restaurant purchases ingredients, those items are automatically added your inventory.


So what does this mean for your business?


The development of SaaS technology allows you to finally digitized your entire restaurant operations. Just like POS systems helped servers save time taking orders and processing checks, back of house systems, allow kitchen staff to cut time counting and tracking inventory, purchasing ingredients and costing their menu.


What’s more is that by syncing the POS system to your kitchen, your restaurant operations become a complete circle- a truly well oiled machine that works for you.


So, does it actually work?


Well, if you look at most restaurants that are scaling and growing today, they wouldn’t be able to do so, without a back of the house management platform. Why? Because:


  1. Scaling a business means that you have to find ways to save time, so you can focus on your business.
  2. A good business person has a strong handle on their business and their restaurant’s inventory, that means having a close eye on your margins and on the value of your inventory.
  3. In order to scale your business, you must have systems in place that can be easily replicated, back of the house management systems, digitize all of your restaurant operations which you can easily replicate in a new location.
  4. Smart business owners have systems in place that can be easily used by key employees, so they can cut costs on training.


The future of the restaurant kitchen has arrived, has your restaurant welcomed it in?