Veezi POS gets internal gift card module!

Veezi POS gets internal gift card module!

One of the fastest growing companies in the world of cinema POS, is Veezi.  Veezi is becoming a big part of the cinema software marketplace, and they’re poised for tremendous growth.  But until recently, they had a long standing gift card agreement with Vantiv, their payment provider.  But payment provider gift cards are often expensive, and have limited functionality.  Veezi is pioneering it’s own internal module, which will cost less.  And the reason I know so much is because they’re partnering with (me) for all the printing!

Often POS providers team up with their integrated payment processor for gift card modules.  The payment processor is usually more than happy to write the software module for them.  Because they get the gift card money, and the integrated processing fee. The cards themselves are generally quite expensive because the payment company has to buy them from a third party.  The payment processor marks the cards up, sells them to you, and collects processing fees.

As POS companies grow, they move to an integrated program.  They’re usually free of swipe fees, and might have a small monthly fee.  This is much more economical for the customer, and allows them to select their own plastic card provider.  At Plastic Printers, I work with many companies in this transition.  Most have all the fundamentals needed to implement gift cards, and only need some guidance.

This partnership should be an excellent move leaving them poised to take on some of the older legacy software brands.  Veezi’s software is still in what they call “Beta” development.  But I’ve been assured by sources there, that if you’re using Veezi, they can get you on the “beta” program, and it’s working glitch free.

About Veezi

Veezi started as an idea by engineers at POS Giant Vista.  The Vista engineers were trying to figure out how to make a simple POS solution for independent cinemas, and small chains.  Not long after, Veezi was born.  Their recipe for success is; simple cloud interface, and tons of high end features, at a low price.  They have been scooping up the customers who’ve been flocking away from outdated POS systems.  They offer the premium features you want in a POS, while maintaining a simple format. Contending with the old titans of movie POS like RTS, Omniterm, and Retriever, they’ve earned their spot in the market.

Check Veezi out here: Veezi by Vista

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