Vend Gift Cards, a Great Way to Make Money!

Vend Gift Cards

Since their launch in September 2015, gift cards have proven to be a huge selling point for Vend POS. Vend gift cards are one of our top sellers here at Plastic Printers.

Here’s why Vend Gift Cards are taking off:

1.) They bring new customers in.

A large number of people who receive gift cards, have never been to your store before. It’s a great way to introduce your brand to new customers who wouldn’t have stopped in otherwise.

2.) They bring in money.

All research on the subject will tell you, people spend more than what’s on the gift card. Meaning, if you sell a gift card, you’re almost guaranteed more money is coming in your door than the value on the card.

3.) They add legitimacy.

All the big box stores have gift cards. In 2017, you really need to have gift cards available. And not gift certificates, or e-gift cards. Gift cards need to be something tangible, people can hold on to.

4.) They tell your brand’s story.

Make the gift cards fit your store. Make sure the art speaks to who you are, and what you do. When you do that, people will get excited to buy your “cool gift cards.”

But how can you use gift cards besides selling them as gifts?

1.) Give them as incentives to buy.

If your customer buys $100 worth of stuff, give them a $10 gift card! It only means they’ll come back and buy more stuff! Is $10 worth a paying customer in the store?!  Or bundle it with something. If your store sells mens’ clothing, make the promotion “Buy 2 suits, and receive a $25 gift card.” This lets your customers buy accessories to go with the suits.

2.) Never refund money in cash.

If someone forgets their receipt, don’t refund them with cash. Give them the money back on a gift card. It ensures that they spend the money in your store. So you don’t lose anything on returns.

Where do you get Vend Gift Cards?

From me! I’m kidding. But you can buy them at To learn more about gift cards, read some of my articles here, or get in touch with me anytime!