Vend and Square Team Up to Offer Simple Payments for the Small Retailer

Point of sale giant Vend is teaming up with Square to give you more payment options. This could be great news for the small retailer.
Square, made it’s splash offering a great way for people to accept payments on their phones. But as those retailers grew in size, they needed to roll out a real POS system. The Square Register system for many, is inadequate for companies that are growing. Partly because of the limitations in customer support, which is crucial to retailers.
This is where Vend steps in. Vend offers the best in customer support. No matter where you are in the world, they have support agents ready to help you out. 
Vend is also infinitely scalable. So as your company expands to more registers, or adds new locations, they have you covered.  Vend also offers a robust set of e-commerce solutions. As well as integrations to work with Shopify and Magento.
And what does Square bring to the table? Square is PCI Compliant. Square covers chargebacks, and monitors for fraud. Square takes any credit card, and works with Paypal. Square gives you the features that you’d only see with a top retailer. But you get them included with your Square system.  Square also offers EMV Compliant devices, as well as NFC and Apple Pay devices.  And they’re very affordable. 
And the marriage of Square and Vend seems hassle free. It looks like they’ve come together, and integrated seamlessly. So you get the best performance from both pieces. It’s a real win for the small retailer.
The Square integration has been released to US retailers, and Australian retailers. My guess is that they’ll continue to roll it out in other locations throughout 2017.
Look for it in a store near you!  Learn more about this partnership here: Vend and Square